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Yvon Massé

TpSol and DesCad are two applications for Android version 4.0 or higher. They share to draw the sundial corresponding to the orientation of the smartphone or the tablet. So for example, like on the picture, it is possible to apply the device on a wall to get the drawing of the corresponding sundial. The shadow is also drawn, this allows you to learn the gnomonics in a playful manner.

On a wall

To know the device orientation, these applications use the magnetic sensor that it is necessary to calibrate following the procedure described below.

Screenshot TpSol



The main function of TpSol is to give the solar time according to the date, the legal time and the GPS location. These parameters can be input manually. Moreover, TpSol gives:

TpSol is free, download it on Google-Play


At launching, DesCad displays directly the sundial: the setup is automatic. It is then possible to modify the parameters to explore all the configurations. The following parameters are especially modifiable:

The position / size of the style and the date / time of the shadow can be modified by gestures on the touchscreen.

The menu also allows you:

DesCad has therefore a great educational value for those who are interesting in sundial, from beginner to expert in gnomonics.

DesCad is a cheap application (around 2 $), download it on Google-Play

Screenshot DesCad

Calibration of the magnetic sensor

Perform the calibration on the following way:

The calibration is finish. The parameters of the sundial orientation (inclination and declination), which are computed and supplied by the application, are then less erratic and more accurate. However, the accuracy is not better than some degrees.

Despite all the care taken to verify these applications, it is possible that some bugs have escaped my attention. If you find any malfunction, do not hesitate to let me know: I shall endeavor to make the necessary changes. I will also be very attentive to proposals from users for improving the program if they express a particular need (

Have a good use!...